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History of the Competition


Take a Shot at Changing the World was inspired by the Steeltown-produced film The Shot Felt 'Round the World, which told the story of Jonas Salk and his team at the University of Pittsburgh, working together with the city, and then the nation to conquer what was once the most feared disease of the 20th Century: polio. Steeltown asked students to make their own films that connected the development of the Salk Polio Vaccine in Pittsburgh to current eradication efforts around the world. Over 265 kids changed the world by raising awareness about a largely forgotten disease, and inspiring a new generation to care and to act.


The next year, Steeltown expanded the contest to include a variety of topics and prompts. Students in the region were asked to make films about inspirational local historical figures—Rachel Carson, August Wilson, Andy Warhol, to name a few—and tell the amazing stories of Pittsburgh’s past. This led to students wanting to share their own ideas to make a difference.  Students have made videos about the issues they care most about, from the environment to violence, bullying in schools, and poverty.


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